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East Timor is well known for locating beautiful cities. One of those beautiful cities in East Timor is named as Baucau (Baukau). This city is located on the northern coast, which is in the eastern part of the East Timor. Baucau was formerly called as Vila Salazar.


Trekkers Paradise at East Timor

East Timor is a beautiful, rugged country, blessed with welcoming sociable people, and a mild climate, very few cars on the roads and a network of walking tracks. It's a trekkers' paradise! It is very rare to feel insecure or threatened.


East Timor: A hub of beautiful beaches

If you love the cool blue of the seas, the granular feeling of sand in your feet, the sound of the waves lapping on the sea shore and the smell of wet sand, then a holiday at seashore or a beach resort is ideal for you. If you are an avid visitor of the seashore and love to explore


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